Welcome to Petra Scholé

Our Mission:  

To create a Christian learning community seeking to nurture wisdom and virtue in our members, through a classical education, for God’s glory.

Our Program:  

In order to create a vibrant, Christian Classical homeschooling community we will:

– Meet once a week to provide accountability, structure, community and inspiration to homeschooling families. 

– Use the classical studies of the trivium (grammar, dialectic and rhetoric), as well as the studies of the sciences, in order to model, teach, and cultivate wisdom (how to think) and virtue (what to do) while maintaining an attitude of restful and deep learning. 

– Use quality curriculum and  classical methods such as Socratic dialogue, catechism, debate and contemplation, in order to offer a quality core education which will serve all students while leaving choice for electives, especially in the high school years, and time for opportunities to put faith into action through service.

– We will use a three year cycle of history as a basis for humanities so all levels will be studying the same time period and facilitate restful learning in families at home.

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