Petra Scholé Classical Community Application Form

Vision Statement: To create a Christian learning community seeking to nurture wisdom and virtue in our members, through a classical education, for God's glory.

Statement of Faith: We adhere and ask all members of our community to agree to uphold the tenets of the Petra Statement of Faith.

  • Step 1 - Application: Interested families should peruse the website and read the handbook and policies, class descriptions, etc. If the schedule allows, families are encouraged to come for a campus visit to see a community day in action. Complete the application. Once it is received, the director will be in touch to set up a time for an interview.
  • Step 2 - Interview: In order to determine if the environment, scope and sequence, expectations and curriculum are a good fit for the applying family, we will interview all applicants. Interviews may be done via zoom, phone call or in person and will last about an hour. The primary teacher-at-home parent should be present for the interview. Spouses and children are not required to attend the interview. Once the interview is complete, we will notify you via email of your application status.
  • Step 3 - Registration: Once your application is approved, you will need to register your children, pay registration fees, and indicate what classes students want to be enrolled in. Some classes may be scheduled according to demand, so flexibility to change elective classes may be required if demand does not justify scheduling a desired class. Classes are filled on a FCFS basis.

Group Organization: We are a Christian community of classically educating families committed to nurturing wisdom and virtue in our children. We believe this cannot be done apart from the Spirit of God; therefore, Christ is at the center of all we do. We are affiliated with Classical Academic Press's Scholé Communities, a leader in the modern classical education renewal, but we are locally organized and managed. We are headed by a leadership team who manage our community. Each family has final authority over how they manage their homeschool but submits to the requirements of Petra Scholé on the community day. The success of our community depends upon the collective ideas and involvement of all our families. We believe in building a strong community through mutual relationships and support; thus, we request that all moms attend our Mother Culture hour (Monday from 8-8:45am) and that a parent be present on community day either to mentor, assist as a parent helper, or in some other way contribute to the working of the community. Parents of elementary and junior high aged children (preK-8th) must be on campus whenever their child(ren) is present. Parents of high school students (9th-12th) are encouraged to be present and participate as much as possible so that they are equipped to teach their student(s) at home. We understand circumstances may arise that prevent parents from always being on campus. Please talk to the director regarding extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

  • $100 non-refundable registration fee per family, due with registration
  • $150 facility & insurance fee/family enrolling in Core (Partner Level) or $75 for upperclassmen enrolling in electives only (Participant Level). This fee is prorated for second semester registrants ($75).
  • $50 supply fee per enrolled student, due with registration. There may be an additional supply fee for some classes. This fee is prorated for second semester registrants ($25).
  • $45 Scholé Communities membership (annual).
  • Tuition fees stated are per semester, per student. Tuition invoices will be sent after the drop date each semester, payable upon receipt. All payments for fees and tuition must be paid via Cash, Check, Cashier’s Check or Venmo to @Petra-Director. Registration, Facility/Insurance, and Supply and Scholé Community fees are to be paid in full with registration. Registration fee is non-refundable. Other fees are refundable only if all classes are dropped prior to week one (or week 15 for second semester).
  • K-6th Core (includes Calisthenics or Story Time): $2507th-9th Core: $27510th-12th Core: $325

  • Electives vary between $50-$75/student/semester

We desire transparency and accountability in stewardship of our resources. We are a non-profit organization and 100% of the tuition is used to pay mentors and our director. Supply fees will be used to purchase supplies for the whole community, as well as printing and other necessary expenses. Additional supply fees for specific classes may be needed. Required curriculum and books are not included in our fees. Families will be provided a list of both required and optional books/curriculum, as well as sources where these materials can be purchased.




My familiarity with classical education is
My understanding/familiarity with the concept of scholé in classical education is:
Have you read “Teaching from Rest” by Sarah Mackenzie?

It is highly recommended.

Do you agree to faithfully attend Mother Culture (8-8:45 Monday mornings), which is a time of connection for moms and continued education for the purpose of supporting each other in our homeschooling journeys?

We understand that things come up, but we expect all mothers to make this commitment a priority.

Do you agree to actively participate in community, offering your gifts, talents, and abilities in service to the community and volunteer to serve in some capacity?

We have a variety of needs and committees that we will share more information about.

Have you reviewed the following from our website?
Have you attended an informational meeting?

Our mentors are class facilitators but are not the teachers. Your students are accountable to you for their work, and you will play an integral role in your family's success incorporating your community day learning and experience with your homeschool the rest of the week. By signing and submitting this application you understand and agree that you are the teacher and responsible for your student's education.

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