Is Petra Scholé Right for My Family?

I am looking for a community of Christian believers to partner with in educating my children.

YES! Petra Scholé is a community that is unashamedly Christian. We are committed to keeping our focus on the MOST important things - that of learning to love and fear God (which is the beginning of wisdom) and learning to practice virtue. This is the focus of our studies - that our students would grow in these areas while participating in an academic environment. Academics are the means but not the end.

I want opportunities for connection, field trips and service opportunities for my family.

YES! Petra Scholé is community focused with opportunities for social and academic field trips including museums, theater performances, hikes, learning labs, local tours, service projects, and ministry outreach.

I am looking for a community that upholds Biblical morals and teachings.

YES!. At Petra Scholé, we uphold Biblical morals, values and teachings and therefore do not support modern cultural agendas such as CRT, gender identification, sexual preferences, etc.

I am looking for a community, but I want to be able to do our own curriculum at home during the week.

Maybe. Being a part of Petra Scholé means using the curriculum that is chosen for classes taken in community. You are welcome to supplement with other books at home, but a student is expected to complete the work at home to the best of their ability, as outlined in the syllabus. If students have not completed the work at home, they are not able to fully participate in class. We do not teach children to read or write and we do not teach math, so each family needs to choose their own curriculum at home for those subjects.

I am looking for a program that focuses 100% on academics and higher learning.

Academics are obviously important, but not the most important. Petra Scholé focuses first and foremost on Christ-like wisdom and virtue in our children, using academics as a means to that end. Our classes are rigorous and challenging to be sure, but not at the expense of building character in our children.

I am looking for a school to teach my children everything they need to meet the state requirements for homeschooling in Colorado.

No. Petra Scholé is a one-day-a-week supplemental homeschool program and we cannot possibly cover everything in one day a week. You are the teacher of your homeschool and we are a support to you, as a homeschool community.

I am looking for a program to provide assessments, grades and transcripts.

No. We are here to support you as the educator of your children but do not provide grades or transcripts. Mentors will partner with parents to provide accountability and feedback on student performance and participation.

I am looking for a program where I can drop off my kids and have some “me” time.

Definitely no. Petra Scholé is not a drop off program. Parents must stay on campus for the duration of the community day in which their children are registered for classes. Parents participate in class either by mentoring, or by helping the mentors, as assigned by the Director, throughout the day.

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