Application Process:

Admission into the Petra Scholé Classical Community is a three-step process. The purpose of the application and interview process is to ensure, prior to enrollment, that families understand and align with our vision and that a solid partnership is fostered.

Application: Applications from new families will be accepted beginning April 1. Interested families will complete the application and return to the Community Director. Once received, we will contact you to arrange an interview.

Interview: In order to determine if the environment, expectations and curriculum are a good fit for the applying family, we will interview all applicants. Once the interview is complete, we will notify you via email within 48 hours of your enrollment status.

Registration: Once your enrollment is approved, you will need to register your children, pay registration fees and indicate what classes students want to be enrolled in. Some classes may be scheduled according to demand, so flexibility to change elective classes may be required if demand does not justify scheduling a desired class. Because we believe the liberal arts are the center of a classical education, and the core classes are where the students will learn the language arts (or the Trivium), we require that every student enroll in a minimum of the core classes for their age. Core classes are the prerequisite to take elective classes.

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